Our Products

Smiggle is the go-to- brand for school, lifestyle and stationery product categories for Bags, Lunchboxes, Drink bottles, Pencil Cases, Books, Writing Tools, Headphones, Collectibles and Accessories!

Our product range is exclusively designed in Melbourne, Australia. We are known around the globe for our innovation, vibrant colours and on-trend graphics. You will find products that shimmer, sparkle, glow, shine and in some cases, also smell delicious!

Not only do we offer original prints and world-first products, but we also partner with iconic brands to bring our fans’ favourite characters to life.! 2019 saw Smiggle’s first collaboration with Disney, resulting in an exclusive product collection for Frozen 2 & Star Wars


Our Stores

A visit to a Smiggle store is unlike any other retail experience. We encourage our fans to experiment, play and have fun in our small but bright stores.

We strive to create an environment that feels like a treasure trove ready to explore, but also make it easy for our fans to find what they are looking for. Whether you want to shop by colour, by product type, by the latest trend – we’ve got you covered at Smiggle.

Over 300 wholly-owned Smiggle stores across 10 countries

Over 500 wholesale “doors” with best-in-class local iconic retail operators across 13 countries.

Over 10 concession “shop in shops” with prestigious department store retailers (including Harrods and Selfridges) across 4 countries

3 proprietary ecommerce sites and representation on several third-party ecommerce sites.